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Wine Cellar
Naša kmetija se ukvarja že dolgo časa z vinogradništvom in v zadnjih letih se je močno usmerila v vinarstvo in postala še posebej velika, odkar je ded Boris Vidamr prepustil delo svojemu sinu Armandotu Vidmarju. No, kot vsak vinar ima tudi Armando Vidmar svojo filozofijo o izdelavi vina, ki pa ni pretirano komplicirana in polna fascinantnih besed. Če pa dobro premislite je najboljša možna in posledično skoraj nezmotljiva: "Razlika med dobrim vinom in slabim je ta, da bi, če bi imel na razpolago obe vini v neskončnih količinah, pil tisto dobro." A ne pustite se zavesti, naša vina so čeprav preprosta izdelana z veliko truda izkušenj ter preudarnosti. Wine making has been an important part of our farm practices for a long time. A few years ago Armando Vidmar took over the farm from his father Boris Vidmar and we also started to engage in the wine trade – since then the farm has expanded visibly. As every winemaker, Armando Vidmar also has his own philosophy of wine production. However his is not one of complex and dazzling words and when you think about it, it is the best one possible without room for mistakes, "If I had an endless supply of both fine and cheap wine, I would always choose to drink the fine one – and that is the difference between fine and cheap wine." But don't let this mislead you – our wines, though simple, are produced with a lot of effort, experience and attention.


Our wines are suitable for everyone, not so much for refined wine tasters: they are simple and easy to drink with a very fruity and fresh flavour that most people discern immediately. One can say that a product tells a lot about its maker, which is certainly true in our family: neither the wines nor the houselord like excessive talking about wines – simply because the scent and taste of a wine tell you much more than all the books in this world. Fortunately, it is a way of thinking that appeals to many people, so the three wine shops that we own have so far proven to be an excellent choice as the popularity of our wines is on the rise. It is fitting for every wine cellar that the first wine tasting is free, so you can come to our wine cellar or one of our shops, taste the wine for free and decide for yourself which one you like best.

As winemakers we have been awarded with several certificates which were handed out on the basis of experts' reviews. Furthermore, the obligatory annual analysis of wine quality has never failed to bring good results, yet what we value above all is the satisfaction of our customers. Wines are produced with newer methods, which we try to improve regularly. Let us then be excused if we allow ourselves to express some self-praise and say that our effort yields fine and healthy wines which can be drunk without consequences ... if we don't count the feeling of slight dizziness in case a drop too much is had every now and then.

Buteljirana vina

Just as Iztok Mlakar wrote in his song, "Every farmer loves his wine, it was and always will be so" , so do we prize our wines. One must not forget, though, that just like a person, each wine has its own character which depends on the harvest, grape variety and method of production.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine with intense but beautifully harmonious qualities that endow it with a feel of distinctive fullness. It is of deep red, crimson colour, while its well-defined aroma instantly reminds of forest fruit. Cabernet Sauvignon goes especially well with red meat and hard cheeses. Barbera is a grape variety that is autochthonous to our lands; it is a lively and pleasant wine of unusual freshness that is the result of specific microclimate conditions and the soil it grows on. Merlot has a rich fruity taste, mild acidic feel and a pleasant, unique aroma. In colour it is brighter than other red wines. A delightful harmony of freshness and well-rounded fullness are the qualities shared by both Barbera and Merlot. When Merlot is served with red meat dishes, the combination is – as with Barbera – a very pleasing one. For our blended red wine - "mešano rdeče" we use Barbera and Merlot.

Zelen is a low-alcohol white wine with a gentle muscat aroma and unique flavour that pairs well with light dishes, especially those prepared with fruit. This grape variety is also autochtonous to Vipava Valley, being the last one to ripen among the white grape varieties. It is straw yellow in colour with distinctive green nuances. A blended white wine - "Mešano belo" is prepared from four different wine types: Sauvignon, Rebula (Ribolla), Malvasia and Laški Rizling (Riesling Italico). The amount of a certain wine type added to the blend depends on the characteristics of the vintage. In this way, the flavours and aromas of varied wines complement each other, giving the blended wine an exquisite structure. Lighter meals, such as pasta, risotto or fish, match well with this type of wine.